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Consumer optimism sees slight uptick in April
Consumer optimism edged up slightly in April, but not quite as high as the beginning of the month. Independents are more confident in the economy, and Republicans and Democrats are beginning to converge as the partisan divide slowly heals.
Trump picks Pam Patenaude to serve as HUD deputy secretary
HousingWire Woman of Influence Pam Patenaude was originally shortlisted to serve as the Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. That position ended up going to Ben Carson, as HousingWire first reported. Now in another HousingWire first, President Donald Trump plans to install Patenaude in the true position of power at HUD – deputy secretary. Click the headline to read more.
CoreLogic: Distressed sales drop to lowest level in nearly 10 years
Distressed sales continued to slip in January, hitting the lowest level in nearly a decade. CoreLogic’s report shows if distressed sales continue to move at the current rate, they could hit pre-crisis norms by early 2018.
The long journey ahead for tax reform and what it means for housing
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and White House Chief Economic Advisor Gary Cohn revealed the Trump administration’s tax plan on Wednesday. So what exactly does the industry know so far? Well, for starters, tax reform, including housing-related tax reform, still has a long road ahead. Even with scarce details, housing associations gave their initial assessments of how the tax reform changes would impact the housing market and homebuyers.
First quarter homeownership rate underwhelms
Homeownership rates held steady in the first quarter in what one economist called an underwhelming report. The homeownership rate continues to hover near all-time lows, and only Black households saw a notable difference in their rate in the first quarter.
Lack of housing supply slows pending home sales in March
Pending home sales dipped slightly in March as low levels of housing inventory created a strain on the market. Low inventory levels are not only holding back home prices, but also creating more competition and increasing home prices. The National Association of Realtors forecasts the rate of home sales for 2017.
ATTOM: Average homeowner gains 24% return in equity since purchase
Homeowners are hitting decade highs in their accrued equity, as it increased by 24% since the time of purchase to the first quarter in 2017. And not only are equities rising, but also the amount of time homeowners spend in their home. ATTOM Data Solutions explains why.
PRMI expands Florida footprint with new branch opening
Primary Residential Mortgage Inc. expanded its territory in Florida with its newest branch opening in Miami. The new location is complete with a new team of mortgage insurance professionals, including its new branch manager who brings 31 years of experience with her.
Mortgage experts agree: There is no housing bubble
With or without President Donald Trump, the housing market must go on. So as the world continues to tune in to Trump, HousingWire took a break to zero in on what we know best: housing. Three experts joined HousingWire on a webinar on Wednesday to discuss what’s next for housing and the mortgage nation.
Here’s the real difference between Millennials and older generations
The generational divide between Millennials and older generations such as Gen Xers, Baby Boomers and even the Silent Generation continues to grow. A new study from Trulia, however, shows we may not be that different after all.